One of my favourite fabrics for Autumn and Winter is Alpine Fleece. It is soft and cosy and get you through many windy Autumn and icy Winter days. 

Because of its 2 sides it is also called double faced fleece. This warm fabric is normally made from polyester and cotton, sometimes it contains elastane. In contrast to normal fleece, the right side is made from jersey or sweatshirt fabric, while the wrong side features a fluffy and soft pile. Due to its similarity to sweatshirt fabric, it’s often called ‘sweatshirt fleece’. Just like sweatshirt fabrics and standard fleece, Alpine fleece is stretchy and perfect for clothing. Although Alpine fleece is heavier than regular fleece, this fabric is very warming and comfortable to wear. 

Suitable for all sorts of garments from Joggers to Hoodies, it is an allrounder for outside wear or lounge wear.

Caring for Alpine Fleece

Washing Alpine fleece: It’s best to use a mild detergent and wash the fabric on a delicates cycle at no more than 30 degrees.

Drying Alpine fleece: Alpine fleece should not be tumble tried unless that particular fabric’s care instructions indicate that it’s allowed. If this is the case, use a delicates cycle and put a tennis ball into the dryer so that your material stays nice and fluffy.

Ironing Alpine fleece: This fabric should be ironed using a moderate heat and only on the right side.

Enjoy making or wearing a garment made from Alpine Fleece 🙂